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Dandelion Fields

About Our Farm

Golden Oak Equestrian Center is a year-round training facility offering a specialized lesson program in hunter, jumper and dressage. Our main program offering consists of weekly rotating lesson plans that help accelerate riders connection to their horse and the rider's discipline in the saddle. 


After foundational experience is acquired, we invite students to join our IEA team. This competitive team embodies the methods taught during each of our lessons and gives our riders an opportunity to fully demonstrate their riding skills on a competitive level. 

At Golden Oak Equestrian Center we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the Golden Oak Equestrian Center experience. 


Rider arrives 15 - 30 minutes prior to scheduled lesson time

Tack and grooming supplies are gathered for designated horse

Horse is groomed thoroughly and tacked by rider (if rider is not able to groom and tack horse independently, they are considered a beginner)

Rider brings horse to arena a designated lesson time and does final tack adjustments

Lesson begins with 10-15 minutes of warmup

Main lesson exercise is explained and executed by rider

Cool down of horse for 5-10 minutes

Rider is responsible for untacking, grooming and cleanup of tack and supplies

Equestrian Center Documents

All boarders, students and guests must sign a liability release, barn rules, and a copy of the video and audio release. Please review, sign and return to the barn office. Copies of each document are available at the barn. 

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